The Move to New Orleans - Part II - Roosters and Subwoofers

This is one loud and wild place!  People drive kinda wild, the neighborhood kids are wild, the streets are missing a lot of signs, the weather is wild and people blast hiphop at unbelievable low frequency decibels. Furthermore, there are all kinds of subtropic insects and spiders and there are the roosters.

I never thought about roosters much until I moved into the 9th ward,  They live under the house, roost in our tree in the backyard, and devour any food left for Checkers the feral cat we inherited with the house.  The sound they make early morning, (separated only by 1/2 inch of planked floor boards) can only be described as demonic.  Really some of the most harrowing sounds from the depths of hell.   Of course this took some getting used to as we had no idea this was just how it is here,  The rooster families come and go and we have watched many grow up and move where I have no idea.  Also some early morning raids on roosting families by loose pitbulls has thinned the herd a bit as well as some entrepreneurs with traps capturing some of them.  They were not always here and people told us it is post-katrina phenomena, maybe even loose fighting cocks that adapted to our street. 

Anyway they are a big part of our neighborhood and we made them part of the artwork for the new record. 

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