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Downloadable 2016 JMMB Gig Poster PDF The "Never Trust the Living" 11x17 poster to fill in for upcoming dates! 5.19 MB

"This Band is GREAT!" - Mr. Quint Davis

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  • 100+ Festival Appearances
  • 30+ European Tours
  • Recorded for 3 National Radios: BBC in London, Classic 21 in Belgium & German National Radio in Bremen.
  • 10 Critically acclaimed records.
  • 4000+ gigs
About the New Record:
The record starts with a laugh and ends with a spaceship landing! The Music Shed in New Orleans was the scene of the crime.  We recorded 78 takes of 27 original songs over the course of two days and picked the 10 tracks that would best capture where the bands stands currently.  Along with this "Old School" approach to recording, the record is fresh with a palate of lyrics that address subject matter from confederate generals, to space visitation, to New Orleans' voodoo.  Overall, we think we struck an original note between traditional and progressive Blues music.  

About the Band:

Lead man:

Our show features Mr. Johnny Mastro, an alchemist of juke joint style, Rockin' harp / vocals.  Johnny was part of the Los Angeles Blues scene for 20 years during which he literally learned to play and sing under a (16 year) tutelage of club owner Laura Mae "Mama" Gross.  Laura was Mississippi born and mentorial to all her young players.  From her most matter-of-fact, southern fashion she earned the nickname "Mama," (hence, the band's chosen name).  The venue was called Babe's & Ricky's Inn and Johnny had a residency there.  Over time and (maternal guidance) Johnny slowly crafted a unique sound that can be compared to say, a "Little Walter meets..."  

Yet, with an ever demanding need for new musical ingredients, in 2013 Johnny decided to pack his bags and moved to New Orleans where he soon found a plethera of fresh elements to blend into his Mama's Boys' music.  This bold-yet-eruditious decision is reflected in the band's new record entitled "Never Trust the Living," which instinstively infuses the sonic influences of the New Orleans' multicultural South with that of the bustling, hard driving blues he loves.


Smoke grew up in Southern California pursuing  2 american past times: music and baseball. Music won out and he joined Johnny as the 5th full time guitarman around 2008.  They met at Babe's & Ricky's Inn and moved to New Orleans a few weeks apart in 2013. He plays from the heart with a reckless approach and a "no excuse" raunchy tone.  Want technical guitar (or music for that matter}? look somewhere else!